Thursday, 25 February 2010

Think it... and it will BE!

Well it has been an extremely busy few weeks, which I have to say I am most grateful for. After a few weeks of feeling down in the dumps about things just not happening as quickly as I would have liked, I went back to Israel for a week with the family for a big family function out there. I managed to clear my head and find the 'positive Lauren' that everyone is used to seeing. When I came back I decided I had been extremely slack with my positive thinking, power of the mind exercises and affirmations. Then a series of bizarre things started to happen and signs were coming up all over the place.

I went to buy a book for a friend of mine for her birthday - I would have bought it on Amazon but got back from Israel 2 days before her birthday and didnt have time to order it so I went to WH Smith. While I was there looking in the 'Self Development' section for a book called 'Journey of Souls' which I know Kate would have loved, a book that Ive seen before but has never really appealed to me kept 'jumping out at me'. It was called 'The Power Of Now'. Those sort of titles along with things like 'I Can Make You Thin' and other equally generic titles have never appealed to be but I felt like this book was looking at me! I didnt buy it, and also didnt have time to buy Kates present as I couldnt find the book I was looking for and I was running late for a meeting. I went to my meeting and in between that one and a meeting about my book cover, I went back to WH Smith to look for Kate's book again thinking that maybe I by-passed it because my mind was on being late. Again, 'Journey Of Souls' was no where to be found but I kept noticing this one copy of 'The Power Of Now'. I thought nothing of it and put it down to the fact that the cover was my favourite colour - turqoise blue - and I left.

While in the meeting with my wonderful and uber talented 'team creative' for my book cover, my stylist - Stevie Sollinger - started speaking to me about how the parts of the book that interested her most were the bits to do with how I used the power of the mind to beat Arthritis. I told her that I'd been a bit down recently and kind of lost some of that positivity, to which she replied, "You must read The 'Power Of Now', it changed my life".

I couldnt believe it - this book that kept jumping out at me, had jumped out for a reason - I was meant to read it. Stevie told me how the concept behind the book and doing constant affirmations had turned her life into exactly what she wanted it to be and from that moment on I felt a surge of positivity which hasnt left me since. Being the kind of positive person that I am and having overcome major situations through the power of my mind, I was surprised at myself for feeling so negative but sometimes you just need a little kick up the backside by another believer in fate and positive energy to get you in gear again. I started doing my affirmations again that night and lo and behold - everything started to happen literally the next day!

I finally got the funding I needed to get the book published which means it is going to be available to buy in 6 weeks! We are looking at the 2nd week of April but I will be sure to keep you updated! We are shooting the book cover this coming Tuesday which also happens to be my birthday and its all very exciting :)

Aside from the great book news, the Science & Technology Commitee of the government have been trying to take homeopathy off of the NHS and close the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital - which is the place that has helped me so much - because they say there is no proof it works. I am living proof. So the hospital have asked me to do all their press for it and I have had a week full of doing TV, newspaper and radio interviews and its been great to get my point across.

All good things are leading to other good things and I have such wonderful people around me helping me every step of the way... Life is great all because I BELIEVED it could be!.... and YOU can do it too.

I'll keep you posted on book details but in the meantime..
Love, light and peace..

Lauren V xxx