Wednesday, 6 March 2013

2 Weeks Later...

I told you I wouldn't just disappear! But I did need a couple of weeks after getting back to London to just get back to normal life.

And as I stare out of my window to the grey skies, bare trees and mundanely identical buildings in the development I live in, I am beginning to miss Tel Aviv. Not just for its blue skies and beaches but for its character. The constant buzz and great vibe, the character of the city and of each building - everything is alive. Here it feels as though people just live to work, in Israel people work to live. Despite all the troubles they have - war, economy etc - they love life and they show you this time and time again. The thought of going out on a weekday evening in London in winter is a difficult one. Its cold, its miserable, and most of us are miserable because of it! There is no such thing as 'let's go for a last minute coffee'...

When I'm out and about, or simply looking out my window, the country seems to be in a constant state of melancholy. It is a hard thing to explain but that is how it feels.

The sun did come out for a couple of days and it was as if the Mesiah had arrived in London!

Anyway, I personally refuse to live in a constant state of melancholy and am therefore trying my very hardest to stay happy and positive.

My joints have stayed pretty stable since the treatments, all except my jaw and left wrist which still seem to be a problem and I feel I could have done with another few treatments but time did not allow it.

I am however back to meditating every day, personal trainer twice a week, swimming once a week, homeopath, acupuncturist, osteopath and hand therapy to keep myself healthy.

This week particularly has been a bit of a shitty one in terms of hospitals because I was away for so long so everything seems to be catching up in one week. This week alone these are the appointments I have from Monday - Friday: hand therapy, moorfields eye hospital, osteopath, homeopathic hospital, dentist and GP appointment. I'll be happy to get this week out the way!

But I'm continuing to write my book and although I'm not sure if I'll managed to get it finished before the wedding which is in 3 months, I am certainly trying my hardest.

In general most days I feel good, I am just working towards getting this jaw pain out of me, and then I'll be perfect! But most of all, I'm working on remembering why I named my book 'My Enemy, My Friend.' I am constantly learning things from my illness and the more it goes on, the more wonderful people I meet and the more I change for the better. So I'm dedicating this post to my book, which helped me understand myself so much better, and has thankfully helped others too. If you'd like to buy a copy you can do so here

I'll try and keep you all up to date as much as possible with how I'm feeling and my progress, but for now, as always,

Love and light xx