Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Love What You Do!

I love what I do! I think that is why I am able to be so happy and positive even when things aren't going great. I've noticed that so many people around me are in jobs they either hate or don't care much about either way. No wonder nothing else in their life is going right! After all, we spend so much of our time at work.

I have recently started going to networking groups and realised the difference between the people here and the people I surround myself with in day to day life. The people working hard to grow their businesses are all so much happier. I think when you put real effort into doing something you love, you can never be unhappy, even if you're working your kishkas off, and all these people are doing everything they can to make their own businesses work. Far too often I come across people who have so many excuses as to why their chosen career path is not going the way they want it to. Here is my answer: Talent will only get you so far, perseverance and determination are what will get you there in the end. I could be the most talented interior designer in the world but if I am not doing the right things to get my business out there to be able to come across the right sort of people, I will remain the most talented but most skint interior designer around!

So what have I learnt from these networking groups? GIVERS GAIN! The philosophy of Ivan Misner, creator and founder or BNI (Business Networking International). 'If I give you business you will want to give me business.' And this is so true. Now I belong to this group and I refer business to people, they are referring business back to me. So why do people around me IE friends etc not try harder to do this? Is it because they are not getting anything back? So this leads me to wonder, do we only do things if we know we will benefit from them, even if we care about those people? If so then Ivan Misner found a serious niche there!

So I will conclude this blog by saying this, I have spent 4 years building up a business and working so hard to do this. It has been difficult and demanding but all that has been worth it when I realise how happy my work makes me. If you are not happy with your work, do something else. I don't see why anyone should be unhappy. There are always other jobs and other options, you just need to allow yourself the opportunity!

Be happy, no matter what!