Thursday, 6 December 2012

To Treat with Complementary or Conventional... That is the Question!

James O'Brien was on LBC this morning talking about the lady who refuses to allow her child to have radiotherapy for cancer because she wants to try the alternative route... what are your thoughts on this? Here are mine...

Firstly, I have spoken to James O'Brien many times myself and he is the most cynical, egocentric, self-righteous individual I have ever come across. Shouldn't a host of a talk radio programme aimed at discussing both views on situations be impartial? He has very strong views that complementary medicine doesn't work, is dangerous and shouldn't be allowed let alone be available on the NHS. He also doesn't like dogs or any animals for that matter and doesn't believe in trying anything new to help yourself. He also of course has never had to treat his own child for a chronic, lifelong disease (thank God) and got to the point where you will try anything just to make yourself or your child better. In my opinion anyone who is against people having animals can't be the warmest of people and anyone who thinks that trying medicine that can help the body heal is a very closed minded person. I'm sure he is a nice person but I wish he'd open his mind a bit, especially with matters that he has never had to experience himself. And especially when he gives the utmost sympathy to alcoholics and drug addicts who come on the show. He sympathises with 'what they are going through' but cannot sympathise with someone like myself who has had an illness for my entire life and I do whatever it takes to make sure I can get out of bed the next day.

I wholeheartedly believe that the body posses all the power it needs to heal itself, but sometimes our physical selves become too tired and we need a boost to show our bodies how to do this. I believe that this is what homeopathy does. It shows your body how to work again but both myself and the British Homeopathic Association do not endorse the kind of behaviour where you put your childs life at risk, which is potentially what this woman is doing by running away to the UK and not facing it head on. Homeopathy and all other complementary therapies can be used alongside cancer treatments (that's why it is 'complementary') and this is why it is no longer called 'alternative medicine'. It is not an alternative to modern medicine. You can make a choice to take a holistic approach solely or you can complement the side effects of conventional medication with complementary therapies. A good holistic practitioner will never force you or tell you to stay away from or come off of your conventional medication, especially if your body is used to it.

For more information on homeopathy that is practiced by trained medical professionals, and how to use it alongside conventional medicine, please visit and click on 'getting treatment'.

I personally treat myself only with complementary and holistic therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, chiropractic, cranial osteopathy, meditation and healing. This is my choice as I personally feel that the medications that shut down your immune system to stop the disease, only suppress it and your body becomes more strained. Most people I know with arthritis on these medications are actually no better and have just as many flare ups so I think my approach is right as although I have arthritis, I do not have the horrific side effects that come with the medications. I do take the odd pain killer when I need to, I'm only human! But the point is no one should preach to anyone else about how to live and how to treat their illness. People should treat their bodies the way they see fit and people who have never had an illness to contend with should not give an opinion as to why they believe homeopathy and other complementary treatments 'don't work', because whether or not you believe in the research that has been done and in its efficacy, you cannot pass judgement until you have been in the position where you would try anything, and have given it a good go.... I would not pass judgement on anything I knew nothing about or had never tried, so I expect the same respect from others.

A few weeks ago I was so tired of the pain I was ready to give up, but the support I got from not only my family and friends, but also my practitioners - the kind of support you do not get from your conventional consultant - is what picked me back up again and kept me going. The thought that my daily visualisation exercises and affirmations will get me to where I need to be, is all I need right now. My wedding is in exactly 6 months and I know that I will be skipping up that isle, let alone walking!

Love and light xx

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