Tuesday, 29 January 2013

IPEC Therapy, Day 1

I am writing this from the bed in my hotel room in Israel, as I stare out the large balcony doors at the sea - not too shabby!

I am in Israel for a month, having the treatment that I had nine years ago when my arthritis was at its worst - IPEC Therapy. It stands for Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing. Very complex and hard to describe but it basically uses a mix of 7 different types of complementary therapies and integrates them into one; psychology, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology, bio-energy and chiropractic. It forces toxins and allergies out of your system to make you healthy, but you would be surprised how many allergies we have without even knowing about it.

Through a technique called muscle testing, your sub-conscious tells the doctor (and yes, he is a real doctor who has studied medicine!) what allergy it wants to work on that day.

In past treatments I have worked on metal, wood, dairy, wheat, sugar, certain fruits and vegetables, atmospheric changes and even air! For 25 hours after the treatment you cannot exert yourself physically and you have to stay away from the thing you worked on. For example when we worked on wheat, I couldn't eat wheat for 25 hours - easy. But try staying away from metal (door handles, elevators etc etc!)

Today we worked on chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, chlorine and many other man made chemicals that exist in our every day lives. So for the next 25 hours I have to eat only organic - completely organic! I had to find an organic food shop and buy some things that I could eat for lunch, and we looked up some organic food restaurants so we have chosen one for dinner and one for breakfast. It is sometimes hard but I always know that after my treatments I will have to stay away from certain things so the body can fully get rid of it.

I will be having treatments twice a week. They are very intensive and most people have them only every fortnight or once a month in most cases but because I don't have that sort of time to stay here, I will have 2 a week. I've done it before and it is draining, exhausting and challenging - mentally and physically, as it draws all the toxins out of you so you can have a number of reactions. Some can be emotional and some can be physical.

Aside from all the things I can't eat or do, and how it affects me, I have had this treatment before and it worked. It made me better when I was at my worst so I am confident it can do the same for me now and I will be on top form for my wedding in 4 months. I am determined to get better again as I will not succumb to an illness I do not want or accept that that is my life. I accept the things it has taught me and I accept that I have it, but it will not take over my life.

I'll be writing daily blogs to keep you all updated on my progress and how I'm coming along with the treatments as well as all the side effects and anything else worth mentioning.

For more information about IPEC visit http://www.ipectherapy.com/

Love and light xx

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    Did this therapy work for you?

    Please let me know at mackdiddy181@hotmail.com since i am considering this as well for my health issues. Im in Israel and met somebody who practices ipec therapy, but i dont know if this a helpful treatment or just another round of wasted money?