Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 3

Day 3 has been mostly.... doing, doing and more doing. It's 10pm and I am sat in my room in the Orchid Park Plaza Tel Aviv (great hotel by the way) exhausted and glad for the day to be over!

Although I actually feel really good - a little less pain in the jaw after only one treatment - I am really tired and have really bad headaches most of the time. I am used to this, it is all part of the treatment so I expect it. But today we had a busy day. We had a meeting with the hotel we'll be staying at for the wedding in June, then we went to see family in Netanya (25 minutes north of Tel Aviv).

When I lived here when I was 19 when I first had IPEC Therapy, I stayed with my aunt and uncle, and we went to visit this aunt today which was quite hard as she has cancer. I was happy to see her though, and my cousin who was like my sister growing up and has a new baby.

We then went on to visit another cousin and her baby, before making our way back to Tel Aviv at 9pm. Suffice it to say I'm knackered! I have just put on my PJ's and made myself a hot water bottle (hurricanes and cold weather STILL going on)and I am about to get into bed!

Let's hope mum can manage one night before waking me up!


Love and light xxx

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