Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 4 - Missing Milo!

Will this weather ever get better??? It has literally been one constant storm since the minute we arrived and it is not helpful in my quest to get healthy again!!

I had been feeling really good but I think the effects of the first treatment are starting to show. I'm exhausted and got a constant headache and seem to be sneezing all the time! Don't have a cold just constantly sneezing!

We had a few errands to run today which we did in the rain (great) then sat for coffee outside a cafe under the canope until it got too heavy and we returned to the hotel to have a nap.

Going to family for dinner tonight... hope I can manage to stay up... feel like my eyes are going to close all the time...

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Mum leaves tomorrow so I hope the weather improves even just for tomorrow for her.

Obviously I'm missing my fiance like crazy (only 2 more weeks until he arrives!) but I am seriously missing my dog. I keep going up to random dogs on the street to get a doggy fix!!

Sorry not all the blogs are full of interesting information but literally just keeping a day-to-day diary of what is going on.

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Have a good weekend

Love and light xxx

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