Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 23 - The Last Treatment... Thank You IPEC!

Today has been quite a sensational day, and as I sit and write this at 11pm, without having had an afternoon nap, I am still full of energy - although ready to sleep!

Something happened in todays treatment, an emotional / physical / spiritual shift of some sort that made me feel 100% better.

We worked on synovial fluid and urine, as part of the bodily fluids we started working on a few treatments ago, and we revisited the 'I take things lightly' emotional part of the treatment and added to it 'I am growing a thicker emotional skin.' These two sentences are very important things for me to work on as it turns out my sensitivity to, well, everything could well be the cause of many physical ailments. It was a very long treatment as we released all the emotional attachments from all organs through reflexology touching on all the organs these emotions are held in for example the liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, spleen and stomach. Each one hold different emotions. for instance the stomach holds fear, others hold anger, self esteem, worry etc.

I'd like to give a special mention to Fanny, the very special lady who performed my treatment today. She spoke to me during the treatment, explaining what each point she was working on was for, and how in turn I could help to let go of the non-positive attachments to them. She reaffirmed many things that I already knew, things like 'that which I see in my mind, I hold in my hands', which when I got so sick a few months ago that I couldn't walk, I gave up hope on, after so many years of belief. It was a hard time, when after so long of being positive I got so sick regardless, so I decided to give up hoping and trying anymore. I gave up meditation because I stopped doing it properly enough to believe in it. But today all my belief and positivity came back in one hit. I saw myself dancing at my wedding, being pain free and most importantly, not even worrying about it.

After a long hour and 45 minutes, I said goodbye to Ady and all the therapists, and left feeling exhilarated, healthy and light - as if a huge weight had been lifted off me and I was now free.

I went the entire day feeling like this and although I had some slight jaw pain by the end of the day, I truly believe it is simply the after effects of the treatment and that after the next 2 weeks (it usually takes around 2 weeks after the end of the last treatment to fully recover), I will be pain free.

Having Daniel here has obviously helped, and it was lovely to be able to have him to share it with, but I truly believe that between IPEC and my own mind, we did it ourselves.

After the treatment Daniel and I enjoyed a lovely day together of walking around in the sun, having lunch, and sitting on the beach together watching the sun go down. I really appreciated the opportunity to enjoy his company without having 'pain' as a third wheel in our relationship.

I still have 2 full days left here, but after the end of the last treatment, I feel like I have nearly come to the end of my journey and I am so positive for the future.

I hope this post gives hope to anyone suffering with anything at all, whether it be physical or emotional. You don't need to give in to illness. Illness or dis-ease are just ways for your body to tell you it's not happy with something. If you choose to take conventional medication, you are simply suppressing what your body is trying to tell you, which is why more often than not, that medication will bring on other ailments. Until you listen to your body naturally, your problems won't go away, but if you have the strength and courage to listen and work on yourself, and you have the DESIRE to get better, and the BELIEF that you can, anything is possible. I am living proof.

People may ask then why I still get flare ups. I believe we are constantly being taught lessons, and perhaps these flare ups are a way of bringing me back to the point where I need to believe, where I need to work on myself again and that way through hard work and perseverance, I can teach myself that the mind is capable of pretty much anything.

Today is a great day! And tomorrow will be even better :)

Love and light xx

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  1. Hi Lauren, have been reading your blog but never know what to say. Today, no words are needed as a big grin says it all.