Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 11 - Fridays In Israel

Well as you know from the last post, I woke up this morning feeling pretty exhilarated... the wrist that I haven't been able to barely move for a year and a half I could now move completely, and the ankle and knee also seemed to be pretty much back to normal, or as normal as normal will ever feel for me.

The sun was shining, I wasn't exhausted - maybe a little tired but not exhausted - possibly because the side effects of Tuesdays treatment may have had time to wear off a bit now, and I just felt generally good.

I took a long walk up to Dizengoff Centre to meet a friend for coffee, then took myself on a walk around Dizengoff antique markets and flea markets then through central Tel Aviv to take in the atmosphere of Friday mornings in Israel. Friday mornings in any part of Israel are alive and buzzing with a happy atmosphere. Their last working day of the week is Thursday so on Friday mornings while housewives young and old are busy cleaning and cooking in preparation for Friday Night Dinner, and the smell of cooking travels out of their windows onto the busy streets, most of the other people are sitting at cafes enjoying the buzz and anticipation of the weekend that is upon them.

I grew up spending my time in Israel in Netanya, 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv, and although the two towns - despite both being coastal towns - are quite different, Friday mornings in both towns have the exact same feel to them and it is one of the things I love most about Israel and miss most about it when I am in London.

After my long walk breathing in the undeniable atmosphere, I made my way back to the hotel where I did a bit of work then rested for a while before going to a friend for dinner, whose lovely children kept me entertained for most of the night.

All in all it's been a great day. I've not only been appreciating being in less pain, but I've also made time to appreciate the little things in life, like taking in the atmosphere in town, and sitting on the balcony watching the sun set into the sea while admiring the plethora of breathtaking colours that ensue during that half hour period. Happy Lauren!

Have a good weekend everyone...

Love and light xx

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