Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 10 - Don't Worry, Be Happy

I've uploaded this particular picture because today I'm feeling particularly happy. For the first time since being here I can really now feel the good effects of the treatment. My wrist is able to move in every direction for the first time in a year and a half and I can generally feel all my joints improving.

Yesterday - day 10 - however was a different story! The exhaustion that was taken to new levels the day before, had now been taken to new dimensions and realms, let alone levels, and I didn't move all day. I ate, and got back into bed, sat at the desk for a bit, ate again, and got back into bed again, and eventually by the evening I managed to put on some clothes that didn't consist of baggy jumpers and trousers, and dragged myself out to have my nails done and meet a friend for dinner. I'm happy I did because it made me feel better.

That was literally the extent of my day but I had a solid 9 hour sleep and have woken up today feeling wonderful! I will obviously report on today, in tomorrows post.

The quote in the picture attached to this post is so true. Somehow, however hard it is, we have to appreciate the life and beauty all around us and try and be happy regardless of what is going on, because if we relied on things being amazing all the time to be happy, we would never be happy. So today I'm realising how lucky I am, and I am going to go out with a smile on my face and be HAPPY... :)

Love, light and eternal happiness! xx

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