Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 9

Well day 9 was a pretty busy one! I was excited for it since I got here because it was the day I was going with my wedding planner to the wedding venue to finalise some details and then go to meet the DJ to talk music.

I didn't feel great when I woke up, tired as usual and with the start of a sore throat. It was also another windy, grey day but I was determined to make the best of it so Naomi picked me up at 11 and we made our way to Caesarea where the wedding venue is. We met first of all with the florist and finalised flowers and table arrangements, and also where all the tables will go (these minor details make an interior designer very happy!) We then met with the lady who was finalising the menu for us from when we were here in September and did the food tasting. We saw a couple in the food tasting room, there for the first time to do theirs and I was jealous they got to do it again as the food tasting was so amazing! So the waitress kept bringing us tasters which was fun!

We left the venue and made our way back to Tel Aviv to meet with the DJ and I was going to cancel as my headache had got so bad that I could barely function but we stopped off at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar on the way instead. Yes, you heard me right. If you've never been to Israel and experienced the wonder that is Max Brenner you are missing out! Divine! I felt a little better after a rest, a bottle of water and a hot chocolate, then we went in to the company that supply the DJ and sat down with the DJ we picked last time we were here and we had a 2 and a half hour meeting choosing all the music which was so much fun.

The headache had subsided by the time I left and Naomi dropped me back to my friends house where I packed and moved back into the hotel. I have been feeling so crappy that I decided I needed my own space. This way I can see friends when I want to as the hotel is right in the centre of everything, and if I am feeling bad then I can stay here in my own comfort. So this is where I now am.

Exhaustion has been taken to a new level today and after I finish writing this I am going to get back into bed and have a nap. I have so many things to be getting on with but I'm so tired the whole time that I keep taking myself to bed! I don't mind as this always happens and I know it will pass. The sore throat has got worse and I'm not sure if it is because we worked on my immune system in Tuesdays treatment so it is low, or because it just seems to be going round here.

The problem is I look so normal (apart from the suitcases underneath my eyes) so no one realises how tired I may feel or how much pain I may be in at any time. I guess it's a good thing on one level but people need to understand more that not all illnesses are visible.

On the upside again, the jaw, wrist and ankle are definitely feeling better so that is a really good sign and the tiredness is just something I need to put up with until the treatments are over.

Have a good day everyone.

Love and light xx

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