Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 22... The Reunion

Has anyone seen that episode of Friends where Rachel refuses to go on a run with Phoebe because Phoebe runs like a lunatic weirdo?? Well that's pretty much what I looked like running towards Daniel when I saw him at the airport, an 'I love you' balloon in one hand trailing behind my flimsy uncoordinated body, my handbag hanging down the side of my arm... He laughed. That was his first reaction. So I'm guessing I looked as stupid as I am making myself sound... but it was worth it. I couldn't bare to move myself away from him so when he was sitting in front of the taxi and I sat behind, I was sat forward with my arms over his chest holding his hands. (sick bucket anyone?!) A short 20 minutes later we were back at the hotel and we went for dinner.

What a new experience it was to not be eating alone. Dinners I usually ate with people but lunch today, well, I'd forgotten what it felt like to eat lunch with another human being! Anyway you can pretty much get the gist of it - I am thrilled to have him here and it has only made me more excited to return home in 4 days. Don't get me wrong, even when it's cold here (and by cold I mean 16 degrees), you are likely to see the sun at some point in the day. No 2 consecutive days go past where you can't sit outside a cafe enjoying the buzz of Tel Aviv and watch the sun set beautifully into the sea, so I am going to miss that, and I am not looking forward to 10 consecutive days of grey sky - making it near impossible to remember what it felt like to have Vitamin D in my body - but still, looking forward to getting back to reality all the same.

We had a few wedding errands to run today which all went smoothly and we just generally spent time together which was lovely.

Today was my 6th day without a headache but I started feeling the beginning of one at around 6pm but it went away within an hour. My jaw has still been stiff but definitely easier, there are no more new bruises - although the ones that are already there are pretty dark now, and the tiredness was a little better today. The wrist and ankle were also much better today.

All in all a good day physically and emotionally! Last treatment tomorrow! EEEKKKK

Happy Monday everyone!

Love and light xx

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