Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 21 - Treatment 6

I am writing this blog before the day is over, because my fiance arrives very shortly after 3 very long weeks apart and I am going to collect him from the airport in half an hour so I thought I'd write this now as I won't have time later and today was the penultimate treatment so quite an important one!

Every time I walk towards the clinic, there are a group of Filipino people who are carers for elderly people, who sit in the sun with them every morning and they always seem to be there around the time of my treatment. Every time I pass I see the Filipino people sitting playing on their phones, very occasionally in conversation with each other, and the elderly people are just sat in their wheelchairs staring into the sky and although it always upsets me, today it really upset me. Maybe I am being overly emotional (what's new), but why are they not talking to them? Why are they sitting there playing on their phones ignoring them like they are vegetables when in fact most of them seemed pretty lucid. Do these carers not know that they were once intellectual beings, and perhaps still very much are? Do they not realise that these people were once daughters, sons, and perhaps still are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, friends? It really upset me and I wanted to walk over and tell them to talk to them, to stimulate their minds, make them feel useful and needed. But of course it is not my place and I can't change the world.

Before that, there was a cat outside an office right by the hotel which has been sat there every day for 2 weeks and looks like it is dirty with oil or something black. It doesn't move but is very much alive. This also upset me. I wanted to take it back and wash it and feed it.

There are so many other things that upset me on a daily basis and they are all things I cannot change, not on a large scale anyway. The money I give to charities and the charity work I do myself help a very minute fraction of people and animals that exist on this planet. The statistics overwhelm me.

So I told Ady.

It is something I told him about last time I was here but we didn't have so much time to work on it and the older I get, the more other peoples problems and problems around me generally, seem to affect me. He said this could be a big reason for my jaw not getting better. I am carrying the worlds problems on my shoulders and that is exhausting - no wonder I'm tired! It is carried in acupressure points or organs so certain emotions are carried in the liver, the heart, spleen, bladder, lungs etc and we worked on releasing all of them.

So he worked on this as well as digestive enzymes which apparently was something my body wanted to work on. It was a long treatment! But I came out feeling way more positive. Also because he asked my body if these 2 remaining treatments were enough for now to help me through the wedding and forseeable future pain free and the body said yes. And I believe in this treatment so I feel happy!

I then went to meet cousins who are here from Paris and we sat and had a drink on the beach. I haven't seen them for years so it was really nice.

Anyway, off to pick up my fiance now!! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Love and light xx

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