Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 5 - Tiredness Kills!

As you can probably gather from the title of this blog post, I am exhausted. I have bags under my eyes that are so dark I look like I've been beaten up. Amazing how only one treatment can make me that exhausted.

Although I have to say, day 5 was a lovely day. We woke up and had breakfast and guess what, the sun was shining!! All I wanted to do was go back to bed but mum dragged me out and said we should go for a walk on the promenade to wake me up a little. It is also something we both enjoy doing and unfortunately she didn't get the chance to do it at all while she was here as the weather was so bad. We had a lovely walk and sat down outside a cafe for an hour and let the sun soak into us.

We then walked back to the room, mum packed, and I went to sleep. At 4pm I saw her into a taxi and waved goodbye :(

I was supposed to have moved straight from the hotel into a friends apartment with her but her aunt is sick so her mum is here from London and needs the spare room so I am still at the hotel for the time being but will probably move in with another friend tomorrow. So I skyped my fiance so I didn't feel so alone and of course, mum called me at least 5 times before boarding the plane!

I then went for dinner at friends. The dinner was lovely but mostly it was nice to not be alone, and they have a dog which made it easier to be away from Milo!

The headaches are still here pretty much all the time which is really annoying as headaches make you even more tired. They seem to sit behind my right eye and on my right temple. The achiness from the damp weather has passed a little but jaw, wrist and ankle are still stiff. I've just woken up and after a solid 7 hour sleep I feel more tired now than when I went to bed which is so annoying...

I have my second treatment today so it will be interesting to see what I can't eat/touch/go near for the next 25 hours!

Will keep you all posted!

Love and light xxx

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