Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 14 - Treatment 4

So, fourth treatment was interesting. I seem to be sneezing and having an itchy throat every time I'm in a bedroom - in the hotel and also when I stayed with friends. I didn't seem to be going, happening every time I was in bed so I told Ady. I had a feeling it was dust mites and it turns out it was - well, dust mite secretion... nice!

We did a combination treatment that treated the dust mite secretion, and also base, saliva, hormones and blood - bodily fluids basically which had something to do with the inflammation in the jaw so this was indirectly for the jaw too.

After the treatment you rest for anything up to half an hour - my body usually chooses 25 minutes - but I couldn't seem to keep my eyes closed, I was so restless. Ady said perhaps because I'd been resting too much - which is quite possible (how am I ever going to live without afternoon naps when I get back to London??)

As always after a treatment there is some weird thing I need to do for 25 hours to help it along. This time I had to ask the poor housekeeping staff to re-vacuum my room, including the mattress and all the sheets! They must think I'm mad!

The treatment finished at 12 and by 2.30 I had the most crippling headache that just didn't seem to go and the jaw was very tense. I had a sleep for an hour, and usually, the headache was still there when I woke up. So I spoke to Ady who said it was a reaction and it was ok to take painkillers which I very rarely do but it was unbearable. Thankfully it seems to be gone this morning but my new best friend 'Tiredness' seems to be here with force...

So you may be wondering why I uploaded this particular picture attached to this post? Well, as I said, I'm halfway writing my second book and am so deeply involved in it that I finally feel as though I'm achieving something with writing. When anyone asks me what I do, I say I'm an interior designer - which I am - but I never say, I'm an author. I've already written and published a book and am now writing another one but because I don't personally feel that the success of my last book, being an autobiography, was successful enough to warrant me calling myself an author, I don't. Then I saw this picture posted and realised, I feel as though I am accomplishing something now, and it is just a shame that it has taken me until now to feel like that because I am always worried about how other people will judge me. But why should we determine what we are by how other people see us? We shouldn't.

So I'm posting this picture for all those of you out there who have not always believed in yourselves, to re post to facebook, to show the world that you believe in yourself!

Have a great Monday everyone,

Love and light xxx

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