Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 25 - The Last Day! Goodbye TLV

Well it certainly has been a long and eventful month, filled with highs and lows and emotions on every level. But today was my last full day in Tel Aviv.

After yesterdays episode of not feeling well, we had to cancel our plans today which I was really annoyed about. We were supposed to go to meet the Rabbi who is marrying us and he lives in Jerusalem so we were going to take a trip to Jerusalem and have a walk about, go to the Kotel (Wailing Wall) and then go to meet the rabbi, but we had to cancel as I wasn't feeling well enough to endure a trip like that. He understood of course but it is a shame because it would have been nice to meet and go over all the wedding stuff. We are going to speak to him on Skype instead for the time being.

We took our time this morning and went to have coffee in the flea market, but by the time we were sitting there I was starting to get a headache again, so we made our way back and I got back into bed at midday. I decided to put a meditation CD on so that I was fully focused on the positive instead of thinking about being in pain, and I drifted off into a nice sleep for an hour. I woke up feeling better and because the weather was so gorgeous we went down to the beach for lunch and I tried to get as much Vitamin D in me as possible as I'm sure the next time my body will be seeing sun like that is next time I'm back here! Lord knows London is freezing at the moment!!

Then another spanner in the works; we were due to go out for dinner with friends but I ended up not feeling well again once we got back from lunch and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. The room we have in the hotel doesn't have a bath, only a shower, but the helpful girl at reception gave me a room with a bath to use so that I could relax in a bath and it was really needed. We spoke to our friends whom we had to cancel and they understood but more than anything I was pissed off that I had to cancel yet another arrangement and although I know it is all the after effects of the treatment, I wanted to enjoy my last day.

My stomach felt so weird that it took until 11pm for me to feel hungry and we eventually ventured out to eat pancakes, as that was the only thing I fancied. And that was my day!

So not a great last day and we leave the hotel at 1pm tomorrow but I always knew I wasn't here for a holiday, I was here to get better and aside from the facial pain which I am still putting down to reactions from the treatment, the rest of me is 100% better so I am happy.

I am really looking forward to getting back home to reality, to my dog, to be physically able to get back to the gym, to my family, to finishing my book and generally to just living! And of course looking forward to being back here in 3 and a half months to get married!!!

This will not be my last post, I will be updating you all on how I am feeling and how and when the reactions wear off. And of course how being back in cold London town affects me.

So for the time being, as usual, I wish you all....

Love and light xxx

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  1. I just happened upon your blog when someone I know commented on your vaccination post on Facebook. I had a quick look to find out who you are and couldn't help but get caught up in your story. I am also suffering from pain everyday currently, although mine is entirely mental and emotional rather than physical. However, it has really helped me to see how positive and strong you are and how proactive you are in trying to conquer your condition. Your strength and positivity are amazing. I wish you lots of luck in the future especially for your upcoming wedding!