Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 16 - Treatment 5

I woke up exhausted. For some reason I woke up before 7 and was just completely and utterly exhausted. I couldn't get back to sleep and couldn't get myself up either. I did eventually get up, have breakfast and make my way to the clinic - nearly falling asleep on the bus, only to be awoken by a screaming Russian bus driver.

In Israel there is a thing called a Monit Sherut which is basically a mini bus that fits 10 people, and works as a bus, having its normal routes and picking up people along the way. The only difference is you don't need to wait at a bus stop, you can hail it down from anywhere you are standing along its route. It costs 8 shekels (about £1.30) so a bit more expensive than a bus but it is much more comfortable. The reason I am telling you this is because I wanted you all to be more of a part of my experience in Israel, not just the treatments.

Israels people are a paradox of their own selves. On one hand, they are the most kind, generous, open people, who would never see anyone hungry or without a bed and would invite you in for dinner even if they'd never met you before. They are very family orientated and warm. On the other hand, they can be aggressive, loud, obnoxious and rude. And the bus drivers usually are. This particular bus driver was so moody I'd never seen anything like it. Another part of the experience of the Monit Sherut is that you sit down first, then get your money out while the vehicle is already in motion and if you are sitting at the back, you pass the money from person to person until the person at the front gives it to the driver. He kept shouting at anyone who didn't have the right change and everyone kept shouting back at him saying why should they have the right change. Then we past a burst water pipe and he opened the window and started shouting at the man from the council who was obviously there trying to sort it out. He was literally shouting at him saying this is ridiculous, the country needs to reserve water and now my bus is going to drive over the water and it is not acceptable! Then shouted to no one in particular that it was very rude and inconvenient that the water pipe had burst. Everyone on the bus started telling him to stop moaning, that the burst water pipe wasn't anyones fault and of course, he started shouting back. Someone then asked if he stopped at a certain road and he shouted at them, basically saying 'No I don't stop there, why would I stop there? Stupid road'!! Everyone at this point got so annoyed and started shouting back at him.

Just a taster of every day Israeli life!!!

Anyway, I eventually got to the clinic and Ady could see I was exhausted when I got there but reaffirmed that there is nothing we can do, when you have treatments that intensively, you're going to have reactions. I also said that we had had had to do something about the headache and jaw pain because now everything else was better, this needed to go as it was getting unbearable.

My body wanted to work on a combination of things so we worked on: vegetable fat mix, animal fat mix, food phenol mix, salicylates, salt mix and chloride mix. Along with cold, dryness, humidity, temperature changes and weather changes. After half an hour of tapping, vibrating and other such things I had a 25 minute rest and then left. I felt a lot more energised after but I decided to stay in for the remainder of the day. Ady said there was no way of avoiding those things and I was wearing the Tachyonised disk which would help the process along so there was nothing I needed to avoid except for the usual things for the first 25 hours.

I spent the day writing - only managing to muster half a chapter after an entire day - annoying. At 7.30 I took myself round to the Organic food restaurant again as it was such a nice experience last time and had dinner there, then came back.

Not the most exciting of days, but it was nice to rest all day and not move!

Hope you all enjoyed Pancake Day! I missed it!

Love and light xx

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