Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 20 - Last Single Day!

I probably moaned about the same thing last week but Saturdays are sooooooo boring in Israel! Nothing is open and it is worse if it is raining which it was today. If it is sunny it doesn't matter because it's a beach town so even if it's not hot, people walk along the promenade, sit at cafes on the beach or in the street and just enjoy being out.

I slept until 10 which is great for me and went down for breakfast. Then I managed to get six hours of writing in which I was very happy with. I then went over to friends who have a new Siberian Husky puppy called Leila. She is the most beautiful thing ever and made me miss Milo even more - if that is possible. She is only 9 weeks and has broken her elbow by being too active and is now recovering. Poor little thing was feeling very sorry for herself but wanted extra cuddles which was lovely.

I left after Shabbat went out and went for a mooch around the Dizengoff Centre which is basically Brent Cross in Tel Aviv - just not as good, but I had nothing else to do so I bought myself a top, had dinner - on my own (sad loser I am!) - and came back to the hotel which is where I am now at 9pm. I intend on getting into bed right now and hopefully watching a film if there is a good one on.

Tomorrow my fiance finally arrives after 3 very long weeks without him. I have my treatment in the morning and he lands in the evening which gives me time for an afternoon nap! (what will I ever do without afternoon naps when I get back!?)

Treatment wise, the bruises have got worse which is so strange. My legs are completely covered in bruises! But not strange I guess because it is just my body throwing the toxins out in any way it can.

Feeling generally mobile and pain free except of course the jaw and the exhaustion. 2 treatments to go so please keep your fingers crossed!!

Good night all!

Love and light xx

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