Thursday, 7 January 2010


CBB or Celebrity Big Brother.. or.. they could also try calling it 'i've slept with a celebrity big brother' because half of the people in that house are in there because of relationships they've been in with famous people - not because they have done anything significant themselves. Saying that, I have not been so into big brother since series 3 of normal big brother when Jade (RIP) was in it. Ever since then its been slightly mundane and repetative. I am hooked on this, the last season for some reason though.

My verdict on the housemates (because I cannot call all of them celebrities):
Vinne: I'm absolutely loving Vinnie Jones - he always reminded me of Dave, a good friend of mine - and I want him to win for sure. Hes real, down to earth, a hard worker and theres no bull**** with him. Much love for him!
Stephanie: : Not too sure about her yet. I am all for having a 'real' actress in there, especially someone who has something to talk about other than footballers, boob jobs and Jordan but she seems a little condescending and Im not a fan of that.. lets see if she grows on me.
Dane : What a sap... sorry Dane, but everyday you remind me more and more of a wet fish!
Sov : Love her or hate her?? Lady Sovereign.. hmm, by the looks of it she has come to realise what a chav she was and doesnt even like her alter ego anymore. She actually seems ok, quite down to earth and not as annoying as I thought she would be. Still waiting to see some intellegence come out of it though...
Katia : Im all for girls being 'one of the boys' but being a slight prudish myself, Im not really into her farting all the time. She'd been in there for 1 day when she let one rip on purpose. Its a bit of a turn off, i mean, any guys actually find that attractive?? which leads me to...
Jonas : Seems to want to talk about farting for at least 40% of the day. not quite sure what thats all about. maybe hes trying to justify farting so that he can fart to his hearts content when he needs to. Eugh, that bedroom must stink! He is also in love with Katia by the way! But she has a boyfriend so lets see what happens there!
Heidi : for someone with such a strong character she is a bit quiet. but it seems as though she really regrets her past and it haunts her. Stephanie thinks she is a 'good business woman', she just made some wrong choices to start. I hope she comes out of her shell a bit. If there are going to be any arguments it will definately start with her... maybe with Steven..
Steven : Dont get me wrong, religion is great and I am a lover of God myself but i dont believe in preaching. he could be a bit more subtle with his bible bashing i would say... a bit annoying and it seems as though the housemates are also getting annoyed with him.
Alex : WHO CARES!?!? A fame hungry, cross dressing cage fighter with a squashed face. is there anything else to say?
Nicola : She actually seems ok, a bit thick maybe, but inquizitive all the same and that is important. I also think she is quite pretty.

OK, if I could choose 10 celebrities to spend a month in the big brother house, they would be:
Russell Brand
Stephen Fry
Ray Winstone
Perez Hilton
Tom Cruise
Amy Winehouse
Merly Streep
Lil Kim
Nicole Richie
Princess Beatrice

I think thats a great mix! What are your views?? Comment and let me know.. Happy Thursday people... its a great day! the day of Greys Anatonmy, Eastenders and the day that the Jewish Chronicle is printed and posted around the whole of North London so nosey Jewish girls like me can turn straight to the 'Social and Personal' pages to see who got engaged! Like I said, happy Thursday! Oh and if you're on twitter, follow me.. mislaurenv

Love life, keep smiling!

Lauren V xoxox

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