Friday, 8 January 2010

White goes with everything!

Though I like to think of myself as Miss Positive, I have a positive and negative view on the topic I am about to discuss... THE SNOW! Lets start with the moan to get it out the way... here goes: Why oh why is it so impossible for this country to function when it snows? I would understand if this was Hawaii and we were not at all used to snow of any form at any time of year, but most years it snows at some point or another in Britain so why are they not prepared for it when it comes?? The forcast had been predicting snow for a week, so the councils had all that time to prepare themselves with grit and all the other things they needed to avoid disaster but lo and behold, Wednesday arrives and it was no longer just 'Wednesday' it was 'Snow Day'. Schools were off, people didnt go to work and lots of companies closed early... Credit to John Lewis who closed all their stores on Wednesday evening at 4pm to let their staff get home early - I thought that was very noble of them. Now, what happens in countries like Sweden knowing that it snows a vast amount during the winter?? Nothing, the country keeps going because they are prepared and they have ways to make sure the snow doesnt affect how the country is run... so why can England not adopt these methods??? How many more years of people getting stuck in their cars for 12 hours and elderly people not being able to get food is it going to take until the government do something?? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that Gordon Brown had much more important things to worry about other than the welfare of the country... that is, he had to worry about his party arranging a secret ballot to choose a new Prime Minister, as well as sorting out this damn expenses row that has gone on for far too long. Basically, all of the MP's' time is going on sorting out what the MP's are doing... so who is caring about the attrocities that are occuring right before our eyes?? ASBO thugs beating up a woman and her disabled son as she gets in her car, terrorists preaching hate for the western world, claiming that they want to 'bomb us all', meanwhile there is nothing we can do about them because of 'freedom of speech' and their damn 'human rights', and poor farmers loosing thousands of pounds as their produce goes off because they have no way of getting through the snow to transport their produce to market. Er, hello... Gordon Brown... anyone there?!?!? We dont care whether you stay or elect someone else, or pass over to David Cameron (which would be my choice) just do the job you were put here to do and look after the bloody country! Oh, and heres an idea for our ever so observant councils... how about gritting the roads BEFORE the snow starts - seeing as it has been forcast - instead of waiting UNTIL it starts, therefore causing chaos on the roads as the snow clogs up the roads and makes it even harder for the gritters to get by, which in turn causes hours of traffic. Ok rant over!

Onto the POSITIVE... SNOW IS PRETTY!!! :) and white goes with everything doesnt it?!? I have posted a few pictures of me and Milo in the park yesterday because the usual dreary park down my road just looked like a winter wonderland. It was beautiful and made me wonder whether I was in Kenilworth park or Narnia! I love the way the snow sits on the branches of the trees so that half the branch looks white... The cold weather also meant that the lake in the park had iced over. I looked at the ducks which Milo usually chases wondering if they were cold or not.. they had congregated within the one area of broken ice where the water was visible. Poor ducks! Milo seems to like the snow when he gets the chance to run around in the park. Hes so small that when the snow is so deep, it goes right to the tops of his little legs!

Another nice thing about the snow is people seem to be so much nicer! People on the roads have been really considerate of one another, driving slowly and carefully (apart from the odd boy racer) which I really appreciated. I have seen on the news that in smaller communities where many people cannot get supplies they need, neighbours have been helping each other out and owners of family businesses have been opening their shops and taking food and water to elderly people. It is nice to see that in some communities people still care about their neighbours. I dont see that much in London though! My mum kindly took some soup that she made to the old man that lives opposite us whose wife died a few months ago - Im sure he appreciated it. And speaking about neighbours, the boys a few doors down from me have built an ACTUAL igloo! I will get a picture of it and post it as soon as I can. I am so impressed!

Right, Im off to kiss my puppy until he cant take it anymore and then get ready for a big Jewish friday night dinner...

Have a great weekend, keep smiling and loving - love makes the world go around! (yes yes money helps too but what would the world be without love??)

Lots of love,
Lauren V xoxox


  1. Im going to upload it as soon as they've finished building it... its not complete yet! xx