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This was a design blog i wrote in September:

Yesterday I took myself along to Decorex 2009 - as I do every year - and I was amazed at the wonders I saw this year so I thought I would share it with you.

In design, one style can tend last for years on end, but as we approach 2010 I feel that design is changing majorly. The reason I think this is because there are so many styles evolving or returning at one time. For me, this is perfect as I think that the most beautiful interiors incorporate different looks mixed together in a tastefull way. In order to bring character and presence to your home you must choose pieces that have those same qualities.

The main styles I came across were as follows:
Style Number 1:
Firstly, a strong revival of art deco. Art deco was first introduced in the 1920's and then revived again during the 80's but this time, though it remains elegant and classy, it has a slight 60's twist to it that makes it just that little bit more fun. A classic example of this is furniture by a fabulous Portugese furniture company I met called Boca Do Lobo. Check out their website at and click on Limited Edition to see their most fantastic zebrano wood drinks cabinet among other beautifully made creations.

The great thing about art deco for 2010 is that you can customise it to your own individual taste. It can be incorporated into a moody colour scheme if you prefer deep, moody colours like warm dark greys and blues - which looks sharp, classy and masculine for this scheme - or if you are a fan of brighter colours, you can inject some colour into the scheme by making the most of the gorgeous fabrics that are available at the moment. My favourite fabric companies - such as Harlequin, Cole & Son, Kate Forman and Sanderson - are still stocking beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, but I also came across some new companies to whom I've taken a liking.

Impala are a company that have created a new texture altogether. From far away it looks like leather or suede, to touch, it could be suede or moleskin but it is in fact made from a mixture of fabrics including cotton and polyester. It is near impossible to get dirty. The wipe of a baby wipe will get rid of a red wine spill. Perfect for a family home as it is beautiful and luxurious yet durable.

Other great fabric and wallpaper companies I came across were Interior Design Wall Coverings and Thibaut. Both companies, and in fact most of the fabric companies this year, were showcasing a new (but also revived) style of nature within design, which brings me to my next style:

Style Number 2:
This year we are seeing a lot of nature inspired furniture and fabrics. Cole & Son's 'Woods' wallpaper - which is true to its name by being prints of trees in a wood - was actually made in the 50's but has become a lot more popular this year. We are seeing prints of leaves, trees, birds and even bugs on a lot of fabrics and wallpapers and even the furniture is organically inspired. Ann Coston accessories were a perfect example of this. Her table placements, being napkin holders, cutlery holders, cake stands and other items were all held in place by silver dragonflies, butterflies and other bugs. They are all made from real siver and exotic shells.

Style number 3:
Best of British! Need I say more?? Retro, funky, colourful and eclectic. You only need to take a look at Andrew Martins Beatles fabric to get the gist. An image of the 4 Beatles members printed on a hard linen fabric which could line a chair or small sofa. Add to this union jacks, strong reds, blues and sprinkling of white with a collection of rock star photographs framed on the wall and Bob's your uncle!

There were so many more amazing companies at Decorex this year and so much more beautiful furniture that I would love to spend hours and hours talking about but it would surely take you all too long to read so I will leave you with this information about all the exciting design that you will be seeing around this coming year.

Dont forget to get in contact with if you want to revamp your home with a brand new look. 2010 is the time to do it as great design is at its peak! Check out my previous projects at

Much love, keep smiling - and remember, a beautiful, peaceful surrounding, means a beautiful, peaceful mind :)

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