Monday, 6 September 2010

My Indirect Sources of Inspiration for Home Furnishing & Design

Hey everyone, this is an interesting topic I think, because inspiration for home furnishing and design can come from absolutely anywhere! I always see houses in films and think 'ooh i love that' or 'no, not for me'. For instance, I'm sure you've all seen Home Alone... weird example I know, but I love that house! It’s so homely and is a real family home. I love the reds and greens, its a house that will always look fab but especially at Christmas! The key words I would use to describe the inspiration for a house like that is ‘burnt toast’. I can just imagine the smell of nearly burnt toast and fresh coffee wafting up the stairs from the kitchen, making it even more homely and appealing. The deep reds, greens, neutrals and different use of fabrics give it a really warm feel too.

My favourite era for interior design is the Georgian era. Not only did they decorate the interiors really beautifully - less grand than the Victorians but still plush with neutral colours - the structure of the houses were highly attractive.
Speaking of the Victorians though, Buckingham Palace was finished during the reign of Queen Victoria and she moved in not long after her coronation. It is a really stunning palace, very grand of course, being a palace, but the colours, textures and furniture are things I really love. Although I wouldn’t necessarily design a whole project like Buckingham palace, I would take aspects of it and add those. For example, the rugs are designs we still use today, and I would use the sofas with the same frame but maybe upholster them in a more modern fabric. Although I do feel that the modern, minimalistic look of the 90s and 00s are leaving us, making way for a revival of 20's and 80's art deco and incorporating the grandeur of Victorian and Georgian times.

Speaking of Art Deco, I LOVE IT!!!! I don’t think there is anything quite like the glamour of the 1920s. The glamour of the 1920’s was mirrored in every aspect of life from interiors and fashion to gangsters and Hollywood. Elegance and decadence are key words that spring to mind to describe this era and if i could, I would design every project with art deco aspects!

Another place I get inspiration from is fashion designers, like Vivienne Westwood. Her unique quirky style is basically saying 'I don’t conform to any rules, I will mix and match what I like as per my mood' and I love this! Just like interiors, why can’t we take vintage 20s or 50s pieces of furniture and mix them with a modern wallpaper or fabric?? It’s the best way to design in my opinion. I have a book called 'Fashion Designers at Home' and it is the most wonderful book. It shows you the houses of 21 fashion designers from Dolce and Gabbana to Elie Saab. Their interiors really reflect their personalities and their fashion which is great and I have managed to get great inspiration from there.

My favourite glamourpuss of all time is Grace Kelly. I recently went to the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum of all Grace Kelly’s clothes including jewellery. By looking at her style, you can really pick up some inspiration for design, especially seeing as she ended up being a princess living in a palace in Monaco. She is the quintessential fairytale bride!

Lastly, there are some beautiful restaurants out there, especially in London. I love Sketch in Conduit Street, really quirky design I recently went to Wales and went to a beautiful restaurant that was within a revamped barn. Very country-like! So as you can see, my tastes vary from glam to country, but as long as I’m getting inspiration for design it doesn’t matter where it comes from  x

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