Monday, 6 September 2010

My sources of inspiration for home furnishing

I haven't written a design blog for a while so thought I'd get a few out there. In this one I'll talk about my favourite hotspots for buying home furnishings.

Being an interior designer, there are lots of shops and brands I have discovered along the way, but if I had to choose 3 favourite ones they would be as follows:
Designers Guild:
They are based in Kings Road in Chelsea (London) and they make the most incredible fabrics and wallpapers. Tricia Guild is the very talented lady who started it and she has lots of books to give inspiration. Their fabrics make great use of colour and texture and can be used for all types of moods, rooms or spaces. I used mostly Designers Guild fabrics in my Squint custom made sofa. It was made patchwork style and looked fab. I decorated a house where we really wanted the upstairs hallway to be beautiful and not just a boring place you pass through so we used a gorgeous Designers Guild wallpaper.

The second place I love to shop for homeware is Anthropologie in Regent Street. They have the most wonderful pieces of homeware, especially kitchen stuff. I recently bought a set of tea towels (completely overpriced for tea towels and most people wouldn’t appreciate it but they are just gorgeous!). It is a set of 3 towels. The first one says 'They met and fell in love', the second one says 'They got married', and the 3rd one says 'They lived happily ever after'. I will upload a pic so you can see how sweet they are. I also bought some gorgeous colourful plates and table cloths there. The table cloths are great for garden tables and really cheer up al fresco dining in the summer. (We don’t get much summer in London so its good to make the most of it when its here!)

Another place I love to shop is Cheslea Harbour Design Centre They have 70 showrooms under one roof and over 120 brands. Very expensive but oh so beautiful. They place itself is just designed so beautifully and is so peaceful to spend a day there mooching around. If ever there was a way to wind down, Chelsea Harbour is it for me! Some of my favourite showrooms there include Baker Furniture, which is quite 'classic English gentleman' style. I also absolutely love love love Porta Romana for lighting. Donghia and Fox Linton also have great pieces and fabrics.

1 last favourite to add to the list: It shouldn’t always be about expensive, overpriced furniture and fabrics. Being creative with design also means finding one off vintage or antique pieces at flea markets, antique fairs or antique shops. Alfies Antique Market is wonderful for some great buys, as is Spitalfields Market where there is a great shop called Elemental. After Noah in Islington has some great buys and Decorexi (also in Islington) is somewhere I think I have shopped at for nearly every project I have worked on!

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