Monday, 6 September 2010

A New Home

I started to wonder, if I could design my perfect house in my head what would it look like? I discovered that it is a very fun game to play so here goes: Firstly, the heart of the home, the kitchen. I have always liked traditional English type kitchens and I love fresh whites with blues. There was a Kitchens and Bathrooms supplement with Homes and Gardens magazine a while ago and they showed a kitchen made by Smallbones of Devizes (who I think are the best people for kitchens). It was my ideal kitchen; the colours, the space, the design - all of it. I would have white cabinets all around with an Aga, possibly a funky colour one or it could be white with different coloured polka dots on it. There would be a galley island in the middle with pots and pans hanging from the top - traditional English style. There would be a breakfast area with a table which would have a white table and chairs covered with blue and white fabric. There would be white shutters and the kitchen would over look the garden. The blind would match the fabric over the chairs and in another corner there would be space for a few shelves and a sofa and large armchair - on the shelves I'd have funky objects and there would be union jack cushions on the custom made upholstered sofas. Instead of following tradition with the blue and white bone china everywhere, I think I would go a bit more colourful - still classic styles - with the crockery. I saw these gorgeous mugs and plates in John Lewis so those would be on show in a cabinet that had glass windows. Also a toaster with polka dots maybe to match the Aga.

The living area would ideally be set down a few steps from the dining area in a separate room to the kitchen. I like the idea of having sofas a few steps down so you feel like you're low down. I think I'd use muted grey colours with splash's of other colour. Roche Bobois have beautiful furniture for living and dining rooms. I love their Veranda dining chairs (though I cannot seem to source a picture) so would probably use those around a more classic looking table - as much as I love the Saarinen table, I feel it is too modern. My living area that is down a few steps would probably have a slight art deco feel to it, but still relaxed.

I would also like to have a separate sitting room on a higher floor which has a glass ceiling. It would be a meditation and chillout room. Low sofas and cushions of all different colours all over the room, possibly Moroccan style, with insence sticks and chillout music playing. The ceiling of that room would all be glass and one large window that looks out to the view would also be all glass, with the option to close a blind, or a fabric curtain that matches the cushions.

My bedroom would be decorated from start to finish with Graham and Green furniture and a bed from 'And so to bed'. Deep golds and beiges, to keep it neutral and calm, with one of G&Gs gorgeous cabinets and a lovely chandelier and heavy drapes. A nice silk wallpaper would work there too and if I had the option, the bed would be facing a large glass window where you could see out to the greenery. Being close to nature always makes me feel more relaxed and grounded and is good for meditation.

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